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March 19, 2014
Rikki Stanley

Which suburbs in QLD are hot right now in QLD?

According to Your Investment Property Magazine, the top 10 QLD suburbs performing strongly currently, (based on RP Data Market result figures), are:

  1. CARAVONICA(H) Median price $442,000- Quarterly growth 6.51 % -12 month growth 42.12 % -Rental yield 4.12 % 
  2. GOOMBUNGEE(H) Median price $261,000 -Quarterly growth -9.06 % -12 month growth 41.08 % -Rental yield  4.98 % 
  3. GUMDALE(H) Median price $857,500 -Quarterly growth 25.64 % -12 month growth 40.11 % -Rental yield  3.34 % 
  4. TARA(H) Median price $140,000 -Quarterly growth 3.70 % -12 month growth 40.00 % 
  5. HELIDON(H) Median price $275,000 -Quarterly growth 14.58 % -12 month growth 38.89 % 
  6. WESTCOURT(U)  Median price $180,000 -Quarterly growth 2.86 % -12 month growth 38.46 % -Rental yield  6.07 % 
  7. ALEXANDRA HEADLAND(H)  Median price $740,000  -Quarterly growth 0.00%  -12 month growth 35.78 % -Rental yield -3.51 % 
  8. HARRISTOWN(U) 40 Median price $249,000 Quarterly growth -0.60 % -12 month growth 34.59 % -Rental yield 5.69 % 
  9. ALLENSTOWN(U) 19 Median price $360,000 -Quarterly growth 14.20 % -12 month growth 34.33 % -Rental yield 5.06 % 
  10. COOMERA(U) 177 Median price $511,000 -Quarterly growth 4.82 % -12 month growth 33.59 % -Rental yield 4.58 %


(Click here to be taken to the article excerpt for further information on this and other suburbs)

In addition to these top 10 QLD suburbs so far this year, Nila Sweeny from Your investment Property, with her analysis of the  QLD Excerpt from the 2014 March Market report, has indicated that the next QLD Suburb to watch is .... (Drum roll...) Runcorn in the south east of Brisbane. 

Below is extracted from her article at Your Investment Property Magazine

“Runcorn has a mix of housing types, ranging from larger three and four bedroom houses to small two bedroom houses, bordering on cottages.

This gives the area a diverse resident base and many different demographics call the area home.

Some 19km south of the Brisbane CBD, the area looks likely to record attractive growth over the year ahead – with affordability a significant driver of market activity.

At a median price of $440,000, large block sizes and an impressive array of amenities nearby, Runcorn houses offer a considerable value proposition.  

Part of the attraction is close proximity to the M2, which connects Runcorn to the Brisbane CBD and puts it within 40 minutes’ drive, depending on traffic.

Runcorn also has plenty in the way of parkland and there is small selection of shops and facilities nearby.

Its southern location also puts Runcorn within 30 minutes’ drive of the Gold Coast.

From an investment perspective, the market looks very healthy. The current average rental yield on properties is a handy 5%, while the vacancy rate remains tight and currently sits close to 1%.

Meanwhile, little stock is available, keeping the supply of properties in short supply. Just 0.9% of all properties in the neighbourhood are currently on the market – suggesting the interested buyers will face some competition to get the properties they want. This can often aid property price increases.”

My husband and I purchased a home in the suburb next to Gumdale 3 years ago (so I was happy with these results!) and we are currently thinking about purchasing a second investment property. Taking that first step once you've had the 'considering it' discussion is always the hardest.  I thought it might be something others are considering too, so, watch this space for some tips on where to start when considering purchasing an investment property, and how we can help you with your plans from start to finish.

Or if you don't want to wait, give us a call, we can skip the reading and help you take the first step right now! Are you ready to buy in Runcorn?!

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