Top 10 tips to save money this Christmas

December 04, 2015
Melanie Grevis-James

Top 10 Tips for saving money this Christmas

Christmas and the holidays are an expensive period of the year - and can be very stressful if your budget is limited. Here are our top ten tips from Mortgage Choice Ashgrove to help you save money this Christmas, and to remove some of the finance stress.

  1. Plan ahead and save: buy items during the year and save them for Christmas; this spreads the cost across the year rather than having a huge cost at the end of the year. Buy presents during “sales” periods during the year is a smarter and less-impulsive way to shop. 
  2. Create an account that is used just for Christmas and the holidays: save a little each month and keep the money aside for the end of the year. Avoid booking holidays during the "peak season" as you pay a lot more - try and travel a week or so earlier of later and save a lot on your travel costs. 
  3. Buy online: online shopping is a great way to compare prices and get the best price; it also means you are less likely to buy unnecessary items or “spur of the moment” purchases
  4. Recycle: instead of buying new cards, recycle cards from previous years by making your own cards. Cut out the image or design and create new cards – a great craft activity for children to make home-made cards (which are more appreciated anyway)
  5. Gift wrapping: get creative with your wrapping – use old paper, string, even newspaper can be decorated to look Christmassy – just add green and red string. Or get your children to paint Christmas patterns on rolls of white paper (large rolls of plain white paper can be purchased from Ikea); or brown paper from newsagents works just as well. 
  6. Save postage: instead of sending a card to overseas friends or relatives, consider sending an image, e-graphic or video via email or message. They are fun to create and very easy to send. 
  7. Home-made food: making your own Christmas food items is a great way to save money; and means you are creating home-made gifts with love. Food gifts can be used at Christmas parties and family gatherings; and less likely to be ‘wasted’ than an unwanted gift that never gets used. 
  8. Secret Santa: this is a great way to save money – especially if you have a large family or group of friends. Suggest a Secret Santa – this means buying one present for one person, instead of lots of presents for everyone. And no one is left out. Set a maximum amount for everyone to spend. 
  9. Avoid credit cards: wherever possible, avoid using a credit card to buy Christmas or holiday items – avoid the New Year credit card hangover
  10. Share the cost: if you are hosting a Christmas party, ask people to bring along something – even small things help save some money. Good items that are easy to BYO include drinks, table decorations, cold canapes, condiments, serviettes, bread, desert or chocolates. Sharing tasks also helps reduce the stress in having to do everything by yourself. 

For more ideas, here is an excellent source of information from the Betterhealth (Victoria State Government) website

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