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November 26, 2013
Rikki Stanley

Have you checked out our new facebook page yet? 

We plan on keeping it light hearted, informative, relevant, and in true social media form, social! We'd love you to "like"our page and help us kick of the social media momentum! Thanks for your support.

This week, we've put an easy link to realestate.com.au on our page, who are helping people find out the value of their homes for free - the perfect starting point for many home loan related decisions:

- should we sell? 

- should we keep this place as an investment property and upgrade? 

- should we do some renovations? 

Take a look at our page, and if we can help you with the loan side of things once you have that magic value number, then give us a call!  

Click HERE to check out our facebook page.  

Or, you can see the realestate.com link from HERE too. 

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