Some Benefits of using a Mortgage Choice Mortgage Broker

There are a number of benefits of using a Mortgage Broker. I will explore some ways that using a Mortgage Broker might help you with purchasing a new home.

Access to up to 25 lenders

It can be a frustrating task going to your local bank to find out you don’t fit their lending criteria. Not everyone is the same and not everyone will fit into every lenders box. Being a Mortgage Choice Mortgage Broker, I have access to up to 25 lenders which means I will find the right lender that will suit your needs and your situation.

Save money

Again, having access to 25 lenders means that you will be offered the best possible deals and best possible rates over a number of different lenders and their products. Lenders often have specials at different times so it pays to have someone shop around and do the homework for you to ensure you get the best deal at the time.

Save you time

As your Mortgage Broker, I will do the running around for you. It will save you time not having to look up all the lenders current rates, make phone calls to numerous lenders to find out about their products. Let me do the running around for you and save you time.

I will help you at the time that suits you best

I am able to work around your work and life. If you need to see me or speak to me after work, after the kids go to bed or on the weekend I can help with that. My hours a flexible and I will work with you to organise a time that suits you best.

Liaise with the lenders

Leave the lenders to me. You won’t need to worry about dealing with the bank for your application, I will follow everything up with the lender throughout your application so you don’t have to worry about it.

More than just mortgages

I can help you with a number of different things including
• Commercial Loans
• Equipment Finance
• Car Loans
• Loans for Caravans, Boats and more
• Personal Loans
• Insurance
• Credit Cards
• Depreciation Specialists
• Property Investment Specialists
• Financial Planning

If you would like to take advantage of the benefits of using a Mortgage Broker please contact me today
Tara Williams
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