Cool apps to help you save!

February 12, 2016
Ali Batten

It feels great to get something for nothing, right? So imagine how good it feels to score a free app that helps you to save even more money!
These apps can help you get ahead with your cash whether saving for something big or small or simply trying to better manage your money.

If you are trying to save up a deposit, tracking your regular home loan repayments, or just want to keep on top of your spending, using this app makes a lot of sense. The award-winning TrackMySPEND app is free to download, and it helps you monitor spending on the go so you can see where cutbacks can be made.

No matter what your goal is, whether is be to save for a wedding, the arrival of a new baby or to complete a few renovations around the home, TrackMyGOALS makes it easy to set, plan, track and achieve important personal targets. A great tool for turning goals into reality.

MoneySmart Mobile Calculator
The mobile calculator app from the Australian Government’s MoneySmart team is like having a financial guru in your pocket. It’s designed to help you make key financial decisions from saving more to repaying your home loan sooner. Featuring five easy-to-use calculators it puts a dollar value on big decisions, helping to guide you to the right choice.

BillsMonitor – Bill Manager & Reminder
Paying your bills late can get you slugged with late fees or worse, it could damage your credit score. Bills Monitor puts you back in control of regular household bills. Log your bills into the app to schedule payments and receive reminders for due dates. It’s a lot more effective than tacking bills to the fridge, and it’s a great way to improve household cash flow.

Money Health Check
The Money Health Check app is like a makeover for your finances. It shows where a little extra work is needed, what’s under control and provides a ‘to do’ action list for money management.

Getting value for money at the check-out is even more important when saving for a home deposit and even once that you’re a home owner. ShopSavvy lets you scan or search to find the lowest prices for a particular item. Simply scan the barcode of a product you’re interested in and ShopSavvy shows which stores stock it and how much it costs at each retailer – including online stores and local shops.

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