De-clutter your home to boost your mood!

May 28, 2015
Ali Batten

It’s amazing what de-cluttering your home can do for your mood!

We believe your heart should skip a beat, not race with anxiety when you walk in your front door. So if your home is being strangled by clutter, it’s time to launch your de-cluttering adventure.

Helpful tips before you start:
• Invest in a selection of storage boxes & baskets in various sizes, shapes and materials. Think about where you’ll store them: on a shelving unit, cabinet, buffet, on the floor, in your closet, under the bed, on a tabletop.
• Be ruthless! Keep a garbage bag on-hand & don’t be scared to throw things away. Ask yourself: do you love this item? Have you used it in the past year? Do you really need it? How long has it been since you wore it? Does it work?
• As you come across paperwork, create piles and paperclip categories together (ie. phone bills, bank statements, rental receipts, photos etc) – you’ll be amazed at how easy this will make tax season
• Remember: the goal is to get rid of stuff, move on from the past and create a more functional home.
Here are a few pointers to get you started:

Leave it at the door
A great way to avoid clutter spreading throughout your home is to stop it at the door. So put a basket at the entry of your home for items like mail, keys, sunglasses, loose change, sunscreen lotion and pet leashes. Spring clean it every week and you’ll have a lot less clutter to go through later on down the line.

Kitchen karma
Invest in unique plates, bowls, vessels and vases to not only give your kitchen a splash of personality, but to give things a home. Keep ginger and garlic in a small bowl on your bench top, store recipes in a cute box and if you have limited bench and cupboard space - use a book shelf to store and showcase favourite pieces.

Lived-in, not lounged-in
Old newspapers and junk mail are major living room clutter-culprits. A great way to avoid collecting back catalogues of The Australian from the 90s is to introduce a newspaper basket. Just make sure it’s not too big - otherwise it will be too heavy to lift. Storage boxes and baskets are also great for family games, card decks, Uno, Pick up Sticks.

Bedroom basics
You can never have enough storage space in your bedroom. And a great way to utilise space is to store away clothing when it’s not being worn. Winter clothes, especially bulky knits, scarves and boots take up so much space in our wardrobe and drawers, so invest in some storage solutions for on top of the wardrobe or under the bed, even hanging shelves work a treat.

Dirty wash drop-zone
Invest in two laundry baskets: one for dark colours and one for whites. If the entire family commits to sorting their laundry by putting it in the appropriate laundry basket, then the person loading the washing machine will have a much easier job.



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