Five tips for storage in small spaces

February 19, 2016
Ali Batten

Found the home you love? It ticks all the boxes – except for storage space! In a pint-sized apartment or petite cottage, there may be limited storage options so it’s up to you to be creative. Here are some suggestions to help get you started.

Find hidden areas
Look for hidden storage space for the items you don’t use regularly like seasonal clothing. Under bed storage is a no-brainer or drape a pretty curtain around a corner to create an instant linen press. Hang closet organisers on the insides of doors to extend storage options.

Go vertical
Shelving offers a great place to store treasures while showing them off. Back shelves with wallpaper to create a feature display, and make the most of the height you have by extending wall shelving up to the ceiling. This also creates the illusion of space by drawing the eye upwards. Shelves can also be added over doorways, above windows or under stairs.

Curb kitchen clutter
If the kitchen’s tight, hang pots and pans from a ceiling rack – old ladders hung horizontally add a rustic touch. Add hooks to the underside of cupboards to hang mugs, cups and wine glasses. Pop a wine rack on top of the fridge.

Double duty furniture
Give furniture dual roles. An ottoman or storage chest can double as a coffee table. A sofa bed can provide accommodation for visiting friends, and a dining table with fold-down sides can act as a shelf or study nook.

Downsize electronics
The smaller the space, the smaller your appliances need to be. Instead of a super-sized stereo go for an iPod docking system. A small wall mounted TV won’t dominate a room the way that a large screen unit will.

Above all, pare back your possessions, keep the space tidy and aim for light colours that let rooms appear airy with a sense of space.

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