Give your home a big spruce up - the easy way!

October 26, 2015
Ali Batten

Spring is well and truly here! When is there a better time than this to give your home that annual clean out. Winter can be hard on our homes, and as the weather warms up, it pays to spend some time on maintenance. Follow these great tips to get your place in great shape.

Check gutters
Leaf-filled gutters don’t just prevent good water flow, they can trap moisture leading to damp and mildew and be a fire hazard in bushfire prone areas. Give the gutters a decent clean out, add some mesh to repel leaves and check that all joins in the pipework are tight.

Wash windows
Embrace the warmth of natural lighting by giving your home’s windows a thorough clean – it’s also a great opportunity to check for cracked glass and splintered panes. With the windows looking their best, pack away heavy drapes and add some sheer lacy curtains to brighten your home’s interior.

Show your walls some love
Examine exterior walls for chipped or cracked paint. Exposed wood can quickly rot in the humidity of summer, so roll up your sleeves and sand, prime and repaint any bare patches. Wash the remaining painted surfaces with sugar soap to brighten up the exterior or consider giving the place a fresh new colour altogether.

Trim trees and shrubs
Some plants may not have made it through winter; others will be ready to burst into bloom. Remove dead plants, and trim overgrown trees, vines and shrubs, especially those that are close to your home as they can attract unwanted pests. I

Keep the air clean
Now’s the time to clean ceiling fans and change air conditioner filters. Not only will this ensure cleaner air, it will also help the appliances to run more smoothly and potentially save on energy bills. Give fly screens a thorough scrub as they too can accumulate dirt and grime.

Make your home drip-free
Leaking taps, blocked drains and dripping taps all have one thing in common – they’re a minor problem that can quickly become a major headache. Check behind your washing machine, under the kitchen sink or around the dishwasher and water heater for any signs of leaks. Dripping water doesn’t just mean higher water bills; it can create areas of damp, which over time can affect the structural integrity of your home as well as attracting pests like cockroaches.

Happy Cleaning!

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