Save space in your kitchen with these top 10 tips!

December 07, 2015
Ali Batten

Most people will inspect a property at some stage in their life which is perfect for their lifestyle, except for the kitchen.
Everything else about the house is perfect so they will tell themselves that they can cope with a kitchen that is little more than a sink in a hallway and by the time they’ve moved in, it’s too late. They’re stuck trying to fit a year’s supply of canned goods into a tiny pantry that’s half filled with the water heater.

Small kitchens are a common problem that seems to be getting worse as apartments and homes are built to take up less and less room.
We’ve come up with a few solutions that will help you save space in a tiny kitchen. These tips are all damage-free and rent friendly too so there’s little risk of losing your bond.

1. Store knives on a magnetic wall strip
This trick saves a lot of bench space, and draw space especially if there is not a lot of it. Most hardware stores have self-adhesive magnetic strips that are perfect for storing knives.

2. Hang pots and pans from the ceiling
Pots and pans are usually the biggest issue in small kitchens because they’re bulky and difficult to store.
Most kitchens will allow for a rack to be attached to the ceiling with rope or chain hung from a heavy-duty hook. You can then attach S hooks to the rack to hang your cumbersome pots and pans out of the way so they’re easily accessible and not cluttering up your cupboards.
Tip: make sure you weigh your rack, pots and pans to make sure that they’re not over the weight requirement of your hooks.

3. Attach a peg board to a spare wall
Another a fantastic solution for storage of pots and pans is to attach a large sheet of peg board to a wall in your kitchen and hang your pans, pots and ladles flat against the wall on peg board hooks.
You can get peg board cut to almost any size so this solution is very versatile, particularly if you only have a small section of wall available.

4. Buy small/thin freestanding shelves
Most furniture stores sell basic shelving solutions in a variety of widths and heights. Try a CD-sized shelf for a miniature pantry or as a display shelf for delicate cups and china.

5. Get creative with office supplies
A magazine holder stuck to the inside of a cupboard makes a handy storage area for cling wrap boxes, you can use pencil tins to store knives and forks and if you attached a large bulldog clip to your kitchen wall, it makes an excellent recipe book holder.

6. Stock up on bathroom storage solutions
Shower caddies can be used to store bottles of sauces in cupboards as well as vegetables that don’t require refrigeration. You can also use curtain rings to hang up tea towels and wash cloths.

7. Utilise the surface of the fridge
Anything magnetic will stick to the surface of your fridge so buy some self-adhesive magnetic strips and get creative.
You can stick measuring equipment, timers, small baskets, hooks and serving spoons to your fridge with magnetic strips and it frees up other areas for more important items.

8. Put smaller shelves on your bigger shelves
Lots of storage solutions stores sell smaller sets of shelves that you place on bigger shelves. These are fantastic for making the most of out of your pantry space.
If you place a double tier miniature shelf on an existing shelf, you’ve just tripled your storage. That’s three surfaces where you can store bottles and jars where there used to be just one surface with lots of wasted vertical space.

9. Place magnet boards on the inside of cupboards
Similar to our magnet strip idea for your knives, another great idea is to place magnet boards inside your cupboards. That way you can stick any metal objects like measuring spoons or spice containers to the inside of the cupboard to save surface space within the cupboard.

10. Invest in an over-the-sink chopping board
Lack of bench space is a huge issue in small kitchens and it’s not something that be fixed easily. One of the best solutions is to buy an over-the-sink chopping board. It turns dead space into counter space and back again for when you need to use the sink.
Make sure you measure your sink and get the correct size as it can be dangerous to cut on an unsteady surface.

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