Summers coming – time to invest in a pool?

November 26, 2018
Isabelle Mun

Pools are inviting on long hot summer days, definitely, a hit with the kids and perfect for entertaining. Having a pool is a popular lifestyle choice for many homeowners but is it a good renovation idea when looking to add value to your home?  

As with any new and exciting renovation, it’s a good idea to talk to the experts before taking the plunge. Organise a property appraisal with two property valuations (one with and one without a pool) and then look at how popular pools are in your suburb to determine whether, and how much, a pool would add value to your home. Climate is key when it comes to pool desirability – a third of homes in the tropical Northern Territory have a backyard pool compared with only 4% of homes in cooler Tasmania.

How much does it cost to build a pool?

Well, it’s definitely a big ticket item but as with most home renovation ideas, the size, location, and choice of finishes will have a big impact on the final price, and payment method. Here are some of the choices that contribute to the overall cost of installing a pool.

  • Type of pool

Two common types of in-ground pools are concrete and fiberglass. Concrete pools offer more choices in shape, design and finish. Fiberglass pools can be more affordable as the prefabricated shells are delivered in one piece and are quick to install, but the shapes available are usually more limited.

The location of your pool and excavation required also has a big impact on costs, so take time to assess your block. Today’s trend in indoor-outdoor living means smaller rectangular pools positioned close to the house are becoming more popular, especially in urban areas where space is at a premium.

  • Landscaping

Connecting your pool with your outdoor entertaining areas helps to create a resort feel, but the costs involved with landscaping can become a large chunk of your budget. Tropical garden designs including hardwood timber decking, paving, feature walls, water features, and tropical planting all help blend your pool blend with the surrounding landscape.

  • Finishes

And then there’s the wide range of pool coping and tiling options, from marble and mosaics to pebble finishes and even crushed quartz. The size and position of your pool will also determine how much pool fencing you require by law (contact your local council for the latest regulations). Frameless glass is fashionable but traditional options such as tubular fencing are more affordable.

  • Equipment

Basic pool pumps and filtration systems are often included in a package but costs can increase when considering automated cleaners and sanitising systems. Heating your pool all year round will obviously add to your budget as well.

Next steps: choosing your pool builder

So it’s time to hire a pool builder. Hidden costs can often cause disputes so make sure you make a list of questions to ask a pool builder to understand what’s included. Obtain quotes from at least three builders, check their licenses with your relevant state or territory government fair trading department and make sure you follow up references. Make time to inspect one or more pools built by your preferred contractor and talk to owners about their experience.

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