Could you be saving on your home loan?

June 07, 2016
Filipa Ferreira

With interest rates at a historic low, this is the ideal time to shop around!!!

I'm sure you have been wondering if you should be looking at your home loan lately, we have the answer for you. This is the best time to review your current situation, interest rates are at a historic low but they won't stay there forever. If you have had a loan for 2 years or more you should be acting now!

  • Let us run a  free Home Loan Health Check and compare hundreds of home loans with your current loan. 
  •  find out quickly and easily if you could save.
  • If you choose to refinance we do all the paperwork and running around at no cost to you.

Don't waste time wondering if you could be saving, call Mortgage Choice Miranda  and let us run a Free Health Check on your Home Loan.                              

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