Loan Protection - Plan B

January 08, 2017
Filipa Ferreira

Have you asked yourself how you will meet your loan repayments if you suffered a serious illness?

 Amber suffered a stroke at the age of 30, since the stroke, Amber suffers from fatigue, short term memory loss and problems with planning and thinking – causing her to give up her management role with a major Australian telecom.

For Amber, Loan Protection Plan will help ease the financial burden as she focuses on her recovery.

This is why we have the important risk discussion with our clients.

The claim:


30 years




Living Benefit

Reason for claim


Claim amount


Duration of policy

3 years, 3 months


How to keep your property (even if you lose your health) - Loan Protection Plan

Your home or property may be your biggest financial asset. How would you (or your family) meet the mortgage repayments if you lost your job, suffered a serious injury or illness, or even died?

Don’t worry, if you don’t have a clear plan to protect your mortgage, you're not alone. Most people don't even like to think about it – even though they need to. 

The good news is that covering yourself is easy with a Loan Protection Plan.

Do you have a plan B?  Contact Mortgage Choice Miranda on 9526 7888 and get one of our brokers to help you implement Plan B

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