To Terry at Mortgage Choice,

We found the service you offered amazing. My wife and I both work, and trying to actually get to a branch or bank during business hours together is unbelievably difficult. You made it extremely easy by coming to us at a time and place that suited both of us. .....Terry did all the leg work dealing with all the banks and working everything out. He then came back to us with several options of refinancing with a variety of lenders. Now we are refinanced, it has made a huge difference on our lives and freed us up enormously. We are both over the moon.

Thank you Terry.

Peter (Refinancer) Gwandalan, NSW

Terry Hinchliffe was a very helpful person and he treated me like a person. He understood my needs and respected the fact, I am on a disability pension. Terry respected that I have an elderly father and my loan was to build him a room onto my house, he explained everything completely, helped and did the paperwork, answered all questions and made me feel confident where others had not, other lenders tended to turn you away as soon as they hear pension. I am very happy with the Service of Mortgage Choice and very grateful to Terry and his patients and respect, a wonderful person, I and my father thank you. We wish Terry and Mortgage Choice nothing but success.

Matthew (Upgrader) Lake Haven, NSW

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