Local Mortgage Choice Broker, Lisa appears in Aldi Ad

May 14, 2014
Tiffanie Carter

Our very own Lisa Crawford has tried her hand at acting, starring in an ALDI commercial with her immediate family.

Earlier this year, Lisa was asked, along with her family, to star in ALDI’s Switch, Save and Celebrate campaign and recently featured in the Manly Daily.

The whole family was so thrilled to be invited to be part of the new campaign. “My family and I are not only ALDI customers, but huge supporters of the brand. Since switching our regular grocery shop to ALDI, we have managed to save $55 a week.


“By shopping at ALDI, it gives us that extra money for our favourite pass times including travelling, boating, fishing and of course reggae music,” she said.

As part of the campaign, Lisa and her family feature in a reggae-inspired print, television and cinema advertisements between 17 April and 7 June.

The whole family pitched in and did one really long (and fun!) day of filming to get the whole television and print campaign down at their family home on the Northern Beaches. The backyard was turned into a reggae music concert, which is favourite pass-time for the family – and you can tell they all had a blast on set!

Being a small business owner, Lisa love’s being able to support and celebrate other challenger brands like ALDI.


Check out Lisa’s top 5 tips to save on the little things

1. Do your grocery shop once a week 

2. Use the food in your pantry before you buy more 

3. Make lunches at home 

4. Pay cash - lock away your credit card 

5. Collect loose gold coins in a jar - it's amazing how quickly that adds up.


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