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There are so many things to consider when you're buying a property. Whether it be your first home or investment property, it pays to do some research before you take the plunge. That's why we created our property e-guides! These 16 page e-guides cover everything from your first home, investment property, refinancing and even understand guarantor loans. Download yours today!

Step by step Guide to property ownership | Mortgage Choice Bayside

Learn more about navigating the home loan process with our free step by step guide to property ownership from Mortgage Choice Bayside. We'll go through each step and what you should expect, plus some great tips to help you make the most out of your money.

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Guide to Refinancing | Mortgage Choice Bayside

Refinancing is simply replacing your current loan with a new loan - usually to take advantage of some great home loan features, change the loan terms or access a lower interest rate. Whatever the reason, it's good to find out more about it first. Download your e-guide from Mortgage Choice Bayside for more info on refinancing.

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Guide to Investing in Property | Mortgage Choice Bayside

Investing in property is a big step, because it could be a great way to build wealth for you and your family - if you do it right. Find out mroe about investing in property from Mortgage Choice Bayside with our free e-guide, covering the pros and cons, houses vs units and more!

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Guide to buying your first home | Mortgage Choice Bayside

It's your first time buying a property and you probably what to learn a bit more about it before committed all your hard earned cash to your new property. THis guide from Mortgage Choice Bayside will cover each stage of the first buying journey, what to watch out for and more!

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Guide to Understanding Guarantors | Mortgage Choice Bayside

Buying a property is one of the biggest financial commitments you’ll make. A guarantor might be the helping hand you need to get into property sooner. This guide from Mortgage Choice Bayside will cover what a guarantor is and how you can benefit.

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Guide to upgrading your home | Mortgage Choice Bayside

If you've been in your current home for a while and you're thinkinga bout upgrading - this e-guide from Mortgage Choice Bayside if for you! We'll go through the finance options available when purchasing your next home or how to put the equity in your current home to good use.

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Guide to Building your new home | Mortgage Choice Bayside

Love the thought of building a custom designed home for you and your family? If yes, you'll need to think about how you're going to finance it too. Construction loans are structured to help you pay less interest over the life of the loan. Download our e-guide from Mortgage Choice Bayside to find out more.

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Factsheet: Fixed vs Variable interest rates | Mortgage Choice Bayside

Confused about the difference between fixed and variable interest rates? They are an important part of choosing your home loan, so it's vital that you understand more about them. Download our free factsheet from Mortgage Choice Bayside. Do some quick sums with our home loan calculators.

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Factsheet: Types of home loans | Mortgage Choice Bayside

Fixed rates, variable rates, line of credit loans and more - there are lots of home loan types available to help suit your budget and life. But who to know which one's right for you? Start by downloading our handy factsheet from Mortgage CHoice Bayside on the different types of home loans and then give us a call to discuss what would suit you best.

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Checklist: Property Inspection Checklist | Mortgage Choice Bayside

It's hard to remember everything you need to check when attending an open house. While we recommend a professional building inspection before the papers are signed, our Property Checklist will help with the initial stages. Click to download our property checklist from Mortgage Choice Bayside.

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