Capital Purchases For Businesses

November 29, 2016
Tracy Reynolds

Small businesses right across the North Coast can take advantage of the Government’s capital purchase write offs up to $20,000

If your business turns over less than $10 Million you may be eligible. What does this mean? if you need to upgrade your business equipment you can write off immediately.

If you need to upgrade your coffee machine, bob cat or your office computers then you get this tax incentive. You will need to speak to your accountant for tax advice.

Equipment finance can play a big part in getting together the money to make such purchases.

You can spread the repayments of the purchase across a 5-year term. A lot of lenders are now streamlining the approval process making the experience as painless as possible and finance is available for businesses that have been established for more than 2 years.

Equipment finance interest rates are much lower than credit cards therefore, by taking advantage of this incentive you can preserve the cash flow of your business.

We have a range of lenders to make sure that you receive the most competitive interest rate and options for your business. 

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