Is it Time you Refinanced your Home Loan?

Your home loan should always keep up with your life. Anyone’s life can change quickly, whether it’s a new career, an expanding family or a change in lifestyle. It’s important that your home loan continues to meet your needs. Therefore it is important to consider refinancing when your home loan is no longer right for you.

Even if you’ve only had your home loan for a few years, there is still a possibility that there is a better interest rate for you. As your local home loan experts and with 25 lenders to compare, we can help you consider all your available options. Mortgage Choice Northern River’s understands that refinancing is a big decision and may incur additional costs, this is why we put even more emphasis on finding the right interest rate for you, and will not recommend a loan product if it is not in your best interests.

Some of the things that may determine whether you need to refinance include: 

  1. Dissatisfaction due to products provided by current lender. 
  2. Changing Circumstance.
  3. Need to pay off your loan sooner or reduce payments. 
  4. Desire to buy an investment property. 
  5. Benefits included when consolidating existing debt into your home loan.
  6. Plans to do major home renovations. 
  7. Needing to top up your loan to buy a car or go on a holiday.

If you identify with any of these, it may an indication that it’s time for you to refinance.

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