How rational are you

We worked with Dr Lionel Page, Behavioural Economist, to devise a series of three experiments which explore how various factors can influence our financial decision-making. Dr Lionel Page graduated with a PhD from the Paris School of Economics in 2007.

Meet Dr Lionel Page

Lionel's work has been extensively published in areas such as, sports economics, experimental economics, voting analysis and risk in markets. Lionel's research interests are in the study of individual and group behaviour and applied econometrics. He has a particular focus on choice under risk and uncertainty, behaviour in competition, political choices and educational choices.

The experiments

Would you risk it all for a little bit more?

Everyone has a different appetite for risk. We put it to the test with an experiment that required our participants to hold their nerve in order to maximise their rewards!

How would you answer the same question asked differently?

The way we frame our questions as wins or losses has an impact on how we respond to investment decisions. We put this to the test with some interesting questions about retirement income.

What influences our investment decisions?

Our ability to make objective financial decisions can be affected by information that is personally most relevant, recent or dramatic. We put this to the test with a hidden camera experiment with a twist.

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