Securing your new home - top ten tips for new home owners -

February 05, 2014
Paul Corkill

Purchasing a property is a considerable investment and, like any other asset, you must securely protect it. It is important to always feel safe in your home and feel secure in the knowledge that your family is protected. The Australian Bureau of Statistics reported in 2013 that over 240,000 burglaries occurred and a further 200,000 were attempted. To avoid being another statistic and to give you piece of mind, here are 10 tips that will help you secure your home effectively.1. Check your house for security breaches.Make sure all of your doors leading outside are firm and secure. Make sure all of your doors and windows properly close. Make sure your fences are installed properly and make sure your garage is properly secured.2. Lock your doors!When you leave your house, make sure your front door, back door and side doors are locked. Use a door latch if you can. Make sure you lock your top and bottom lock. Lock your windows, your fence, and your garage. Remember, if your doors are not locked then an intruder will not be ‘breaking in’, just ‘entering’ and your home and contents insurance will not cover any losses.3. Invest in power locks.Depending on your neighborhood, you could be at a higher risk of a break in. If you purchase stronger locks it will make it more difficult for thieves to gain entry to your house.4. Install an alarm system.One of the best ways to properly secure your home is to get a security system that contacts the authorities when there is an attempted break in. When intruders set off the alarm, they normally flee.5. Consider keeping a guard dog.Most people fear a potentially ferocious animal bite. Also, dogs make plenty of noise that will repel intruders and alert neighbors and other dogs. A guard dog’s bark and an alarm siren combined make a great pairing as a home defense system.6. Hire a house sitter.Many people are now hiring house sitters as they travel out of town for business or personal reasons. Your house is less likely to be a target if it is occupied. Always make sure you choose your house sitters wisely or else this could back fire. One great site to find house sitters is House Carers7. Store valuables away from your house securely.It is not advisable to keep cash hidden in your home. Valuables are often safest as a deposit in a bank account, or if you must store physical assets at home, use a fireproof safe.8. Become friends with your neighbors.If people know you they are likely to look after your home if you are away. Neighbors can easily spot people they don’t know and deter any possible intruders.9. Care for your Keys Refrain from hiding spare keys in pot plants or under the welcome mat. Find a more secure backup plan in the event that you lose your key. Perhaps choose a trusted friend and leave a spare set with them.10. Purchase home owners or renters insurance.If all else fails and you still unfortunately have a break in, it would be nice to recoup some, if not all of your money. Mortgage Choice can help with setting up many different types of insurance coverage. Call me 0447 582 723

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