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July 25, 2014
Toni Slater

You've signed the contract after searching for your new property then negotiated a price and terms both you and the seller are happy with.

Now to the home loan...where do you start?

LVR, Equity, Off-set, LMI, Fixed, Variable, Discount Rate, Application Fees, Product Fees etc are just some of the terms you'll come across during your research.

Having a contract also limits your research time as you're constrained by Unconditional Finance and Settlement clauses.

The easy option?

Just going to the lender you save your money with might seem like the easiest and least stressful option - but is it the best financial option? There are many lenders and hundreds of products to wade through, so where do you start?

You start with me.

I'm an expert at finding you the right home loan product that best suits your needs. Do you want to pay the loan off quickly? Is it for an investment and do you need interest only repayments? Do you want discounted rates and fees and which is the best financial option? Do you want to off-set your loan so you can re-draw money or is there a regular home loan product with a redraw option? These are just a few of the questions you need to ask.

I have the answers

At Mortgage Choice Carina, we have the answers for you because this is what we do. Call Trevor Kreis today to determine your borrowing power, prepare your application and ensure it is approved and settled on time.

Call us for a stress-free home loan application process.

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