Using A Mortgage Broker

May 30, 2014
Toni Slater

There are many decisions to be made when buying a property, but one of the most important is getting the right Home Loan.

That means you need the right Mortgage Broker.

Benefits of using a Mortgage Broker

There are many home loan lenders who sell hundreds of home loan products. No matter how much time you spend on Google, you won't be able to compare them all to determine which one suits you best. A large portion of any Mortgage Broker's time is spent studying the latest products and lenders and keeping abreast of interest rate changes and industry regulations and requirements.  In other words, we do your research.

Talking to Lenders

As Mortgage Brokers we have a direct line to the lender's we represent and we can talk to them about your situation, where you are in life and also explain any issues you may have had financially.  You will always get better results when you're represented by a professional.

Working to Settlement

We work hard to get all loans settled for our customers and we can take those extra steps to make it happen.  We take the stress out of it for you.

At Mortgage Choice in Carina, we're your home loan experts.  Call Trevor Kreis today on 3391 5113 to find the home loan to suit your needs.


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