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April 22, 2016
Brad Dunn


Today’s we have a guest blogger to impart his wisdom on what to do when selling your home.

The blogger is Jarrad Eaton, successful real estate agent of over 13 years and is director of Sardelic Real Estate in South Perth.

Jarrad is also an author and this is direct from his book Sold, Faster and for More and is all about a guide to the 4 P's:

  • Picking the right agent
  • Presenting your property
  • Pricing your property & 
  • Promoting your property

The first part in this guest series is based around picking the right agent. Here are some common mistakes when picking an agent with the next blog focusing on what to look for when picking the right agent.


Picking the Right Agent

By Jarrad Eaton


This is the most important decision you are going to make. After all, your Real Estate Agent is the person who you will be giving the keys to your home to and who will be alone in your home.

Don’t dismiss the feeling you have inside when weighing up this decision. A Real Estate Agent must act in the seller/s best interests and try to secure a quality buyer, at the highest price possible, and always act in a moral and ethical way.

I’m going to begin by dispelling a common misconception about choosing the right agent, you don’t have to engage a local agent to sell your home!




This needs to be someone you connect well with, one that will sell your property faster and for more, while at the same time delivering the highest possible customer service along the way.

 It isn’t just about how long the agent has lived or worked in the area, it is about the passionate professional that has been able to help the seller get the presentation of the property to it’s optimum, researched the market diligently to set the right asking price and sale strategy, promoted the property for maximum interest to buyers and of course been able to negotiate a great sale price.

However, it is common for a seller to choose an Agent for the wrong reasons. This is where it can all go wrong:


1. Don't choose the agent with the lowest selling fee 

The cheapest agent is really the one that puts the most in your bank account at settlement, not the one with the lowest commission. If an agent is unable to negotiate their own money, then imagine how they will negotiate yours. Saving a few thousand dollars on fees may cost you tens of thousands in eventual sale price. Choose a premium agent.


2. Don’t choose the agent who tells you the highest price

Human nature sometimes kicks in here, but be careful not to fall into the trap of only hearing what you want to hear. The Agent should, beyond a reasonable doubt, be able to back up their figure with local comparative sales evidence; demonstrating why they have arrived at the figure they have and not just telling you an inflated price to gain the listing.

The last thing you want to do is list with someone who doesn’t know the value or truly believe in the high price they mention. This usually results in months on the market and plenty of price reductions until the asking price meets the market.

The outcome of this is usually that the property will sell at under the true value, due to overexposure and the seller losing patience.


3. Don’t choose the Agent who offers free marketing


A budget marketing campaign does not give you the best opportunity to secure the highest possible price. It simply does not reach as many qualified and ready to purchase buyers as a comprehensive marketing campaign will.

The next guest blog will cover off on what to look for when picking the right agent along with some handy “what to look for” items.


If you are in a hurry to sell your home however, you can always get a copy of Jarrad’s book by going to this link for a free copy of his book.

Alternatively if you would like further information on this and other vital aspects around selling your home, you can call Jarrad direct on 0403 267 251.


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