Do You Need A Pay Rise?

February 09, 2016
Tyson Lewis

Depending on who you believe the Perth property market is up, its down or its somewhere in between.  The reality is no one knows what’s going to happen but some actual experts who know a thing or two believe this “buyers” market is going to hang around for at least another 6 months.

So, if the market is unpredictable and 2016 is not the year you want to take that big risk then why talk finance?

Well buying and selling is not the only time to talk shop about your home loan. In fact reviewing your home loan annually can make a bigger difference than you think.

I met with a new customer last week to do a Mortgage Choice Home Loan Health Check. Yep, the free annual review on your home loan. The client had only borrowed the funds 14 months ago and at the time she probably had pretty good deal. So we sat down, discussed her situation and found that we could get her into a great deal with all the same bells and whistles she already had.

Her home loan of $506,000 on the new package would save $266.66 per month or $3200 per year.

Now if you were an average Australian earning roughly the average Australian income of $75,000 then that saving of $3200 per  year would be exactly the same as getting a $5079 per year pay rise because after tax that same pay rise would put an extra $266.66 per month in your pocket.

In the current climate, especially in Perth, there aren’t too many employers handing out five grand pay rises to all their staff but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out.

Speak to one of your Mortgage Choice South Perth brokers and see what pay rise you’ll get this year!

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