Investing in property?

An investment property can provide an extra stream of income or be a fantastic asset to grow over time. And investing in property would put you in good company, thousands of Australians have also taken the plunge.

Mortgage Choice in South Perth, have seen our clients invest in property around Australia and built valuable investment portfolios. Whatever your strategy is, we can help you find the right finance to match. 

Investment lending and the banks

The banks and lenders have been tightening up on approving home loans for investment properties due to a cap on their investment loan levels. This can cause quite a headache for investors trying to do it themselves. But, our team at Mortgage Choice in South Perth has you covered. 

We've got a huge panel of over 20 lenders with hundreds of investment loans, both big banks and specialist lenders, with a range of great features. We'll match you with the right one.

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