Are your finances in need of a check-up?

May 02, 2016
Rebecca Crommelin

Now that April is over and we are fast approaching mid-year, it's a great time to review your financial situation and make sure your financial goals are still on track, or to even help better your financial situation. 

We can help you by reviewing your financial situation and help you to achieve your goals sooner, including:

  • Refinancing your current home, car or personal loan to find you a better deal - and potentially save you money on your loan repayments
  • Consolidating your current debts - to help you better manage your finances
  • Assisting you to set goals to improve your financial future

Our team offers a Free Home Loan Health Check with no obligations to check that your loan is still the most suitable and competitive loan for you. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us for more information. 

Click here to book your Free Home Loan Health Check now

Is your loan keeping up with your life?

It's quite amazing how quickly our lives can change, from a new job or even a growing family. These changes don't just impact your day-to-day life, but they also affect what you need from your home loan. We can review your current loan and make sure it is still best suited to your needs. You may even be in a position to look at other financial choices.

With interest rates sitting at 60-year lows, the home loan market has become intensely competitive - making lenders look at different ways to win your business. There couldn't be a better time to get your free Home Loan Health Check so we can make sure the loan you have is still right for you. 

Book an appointment with us today for your free Home Loan Health Check if you are:

  • Aiming to pay off your mortgage sooner
  • Approaching the end of a fixed rate term
  • Considering purchasing an investment property
  • Planning a renovation

Click here to book your Free Home Loan Health Check today

Our team will take care of the running around and the legwork involved to find you the right home loan, so you can focus on the more important things. If you have any questions about our free Home Loan Health Check, contact us today at Mortgage Choice Kelmscott & Armadale on (08) 9485 0090. 

Take control of your debts

Could consolidating your debts into your home loan be the right solution for you?

We understand that managing multiple debts can be stressful and time consuming, and budgeting for each of the different repayments can be difficult. 

If you have outstanding debts on your personal loans or credit cards, consolidating some or all of your debts into one can help you to better manage the repayments. Consolidating your debts into your home loan could be one potential option for you. 

We can meet with you to understand your current financial situation and goals. From there, we can determine if consolidating your debts into your home loan is the right solution for you. Our team will then research and compare hundreds of home loans from our panel of over 20 lenders to find the right home loan for you. 

Call us today on (08) 9485 0090 to find out if consolidating your debts is the right option for you. 

To find out your best options to improve your financial health, give us a call at Mortgage Choice Kelmscott & Armadale today on (08) 9485 0090. 

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