What are the different types of personal insurance?

October 20, 2016
Rebecca Crommelin

We know that you work hard to achieve your current lifestyle, and it's certainly worth protecting with personal insurance. 

But with so many different types of personal insurance available, it be can difficult to know what you actually need to protect your lifestyle.

To help answer some of those questions mortgage brokers and financial advisers are frequently asked, we've put together Money Chat - a series of short videos that answer your commonly asked questions. You will find straightforward explanations for some of the complex processes surrounding home loans and financial planning to let you take charge of your financial future. 

So what are the types of personal insurance?

There is quite a wide variety of personal insurance products - from life cover and trauma insurance through to income protection insurance and total and permanent disability cover. The common thread with all of these, is that each is designed to give you and your family valuable protection against the unexpected. 

However, it's vital that you choose the cover that is most suitable for your lifestyle - and life stage. To help you get started, watch our short video, "What are the different types of personal insurance cover?". It offers a great explanation of each of the main types of personal insurance cover you may need. 

Your lifestyle is too important to risk. Product offerings change and get updated all the time so it's important to review your cover. Our Financial Adviser can review your current personal insurances and let you know where you could be financially vulnerable, as well as helping you select the personal insurance products most suited to your life stage.

For expert advice and help putting together a comprehensive personal protection plan that's right for your needs, please contact our team via the link below. 


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