Who's paying the interest on your car finance?

October 06, 2015
Rebecca Crommelin

We see low or zero interest car finance advertised all the time and many people find this an exciting way to purchase their next vehicle. But we all know that you don't get anything for FREE.

So who is really paying for you to have an interest free car loan? You guessed it... YOU ARE!

A 0% interest car finance deal can sound great, but scratch the surface and the deal may not be so generous after all. Here's why: 

  • 0% interest finance deals are a type of subvention agreement - the cost of the finance is already loaded into the car sales price
  • This gives you much less opportunity to negotiate on the price of the car
  • You could end up paying more for your car than if you buy without dealer finance

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The old belief that "there is no such thing as a free lunch" certainly applies when it comes to low or zero rate car finance deals. 

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