Fixed Home Loans are popular in Logan

January 13, 2014
Joanne Croft

Fixed rate home loans continue to be popular with borrowers, with demand for this product type climbing in almost every state over December 2013.  

According to the latest data from Mortgage Choice, fixed rate home loans soared to 33.06% in December – significantly higher than the 30.56% recorded the month before.  

We haven't seen demand for fixed rate products reach this level since March 2008.   “Despite the fact that we saw several lenders raise the interest on their fixed rate products over the past few months, this type of product remains very popular with borrowers,”    

“Borrowers are increasingly flocking to the safety of fixed rate home loans as they seek to provide themselves with certainty around their mortgage repayments. “In the current economic environment and with the Reserve Bank keeping its cards close to its chest, it is not surprising to see so many borrowers opting for the safety and security of a fixed rate home loan.”  

Across the country, demand for fixed rate products increased in every state bar NSW, which recorded a 0.58% drop.  

At the other end of the spectrum, Queensland recorded the biggest jump in demand for fixed rates, with this type of product now accounting for more than 44% of all home loans written. 

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