New Year Resolution?consolidate debt and start afresh

January 20, 2015
Jo Croft

Do you need some help to pay off your Christmas spending and to get your finances under control? If so you are not alone.

So many of us are guilty of having spent up big on credit and store cards over the festive season with the intention of paying off the card in full at the end of the month. But when the statement arrives, we can't afford to pay the full outstanding balance and the interest charges end up making those bargains and splurges a whole lot more expensive.


There are simple strategies to pay off your debt sooner and debt consolidation is one of them.


Depending on your circumstances, you could:

  • Reduce your interest rate costs on personal debt by consolidating it into your home loan.
  • Keep up the same repayment levels equal to what you were paying before refinancing the debt.
  • Use loan offset account(s) to further reduce the interest rate costs.


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