Who LOVES "The Block'?

July 22, 2013
Joanne Croft

I am just in love with 'The Block'!

It is nearly all over for another season. Who do you think is going to win?

Is Property Renovation still an option for the average home buyer?

Reality programs such as ‘The Block’ have generated a new wave of enthusiasm for home renovation. This, in turn, has heightened the age old argument that buying the worst home on the best street and then throwing your heart, soul and back, as well as your cheque book into the mix can create your dream home and the ideal investment that will increase substantially in value.

Yes, renovating the RIGHT property can bring the investor a higher rental return after renovations have been carried out. Renovation can also increase the equity in a property and its capital value when it is eventually sold. But, if you fail to follow the ground rules, then renovation can leave you out-of-pocket with an unfinished money-pit that has little or no real capital value.

Property Location is a Must

Renovation Needs to Be Visable

Your Return on Investment

Check out some of 'The Block's' top Weekend Projects:


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