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December 19, 2013
Evette Lewis

Thought I would write something a little lighter this week as we fast approach a few well-earned days off. This past weekend I was privileged to be able to attend the Perth Ashes Test Match at the WACA and I have to start with a big congratulations to Michael Clark and his team on a very convincing win and returning the Ashes to Australia. It’s been a while but it feels like everyone is on board.

We had an outstanding day. High class cricket from the Aussie’s, a couple of cold beers and a beautiful warm day with an early sea breeze. You couldn’t find a better way to spend a day in WA.

As I sat in the stand with some friends and colleagues I explained my earliest memory of attending sport and that was Friday night footy at the WACA with my dad, back before Subi had lights. I remember the tussles of Jakovich and Carey in their heydays and Peter Matera running down the wing and kicking a goal from 55 out …. it was magical for kids to see these stars in action.

I also remember being lucky enough to attend previous Ashes series with Warne and McGrath knocking down stump after stump and Clarke and Hussey smashing great centuries. I remember looking at the old score board, feeling sorry for the poor blokes inside on a 40 degree day and just simply appreciating the experiences WA and the WACA had given me as a child and adult.

It was sad to read on Monday and Tuesday about how our mighty WACA was now considered unsuitable for International Cricket and the future of Test matches was now in doubt.

I also read some readers comments about “how the WACA is crap” and how we should “just bulldoze it”.

I’m all for progress and infrastructure and making things better but sometimes, just sometimes I think we all need to sit back and just appreciate where we have come from and how we got there and what others have done before us.

I think historic icons like the WACA scoreboard and an oval that has hosted not only International Cricket but AFL Footy and numerous concerts should be appreciated by the people of WA and all avenues of keeping this age old icon going as long as possible.

I’m sure there are many others, like me, who have grown up with the WACA and have enjoyed cheering on Warnie!!! And yelling Ooh Arrgh McGrath and just appreciating an oval that has been part of WA history for well over 100 years.

I truly hope the WACA Board and the State Government along with Cricket Australia can find a way to keep this great tradition going and I hope the people of WA support them in any way they can.

I look forward to taking my son and daughter to a test very soon….. I just hope one day it is an Ashes!!


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