Call us if your home rate is not under 5%

February 02, 2015
Wayne Smith

Interest rates in Australia are currently at a historical low.

If you're home loan rate is above 5% - then you need to act.

  • Variable rates from 4.59% pa.
  • Three (3) years fixed rate from 4.49% pa.
  • Five (5) years fixed rate from 4.69% pa.

Mortgage Choice can handle this all for you and explain it to you in simple and basic terms, to make sure you're eligble (subject to normal lending criteria) and getting the best you deserve.

So now is a perfect time for a Free Home Loan Health Check to review your personal situation.

To find out more - contact us at Suite 2, 10-12 High St Wodonga or call 02 6056 4433.

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