First Home Owners Grant

November 07, 2016
Wayne Smith

The First Home Owners Grant has been an interesting topic and area of debate, both, in the past, our present day and looking forward.

"The great Australia Dream of owning your own home."


The actual grant and rebates applicable have changed considerably over time, there can also be quite a difference depending upon which State you're in, whether you buy or build your first home.


So let us assist you with the relevant information that is right for you, we'll even give you a Free Step By Step Guide as part of our initial consultation.


Our Wodonga team looks forward to hearing from you soon 


You should be able to move with your choices, giving you more freedom to choose and do what you want to and what you want to have.

So now is a perfect time to contact us and see how we can help you.

To find out more - contact us at Suite 2, 10-12 High St Wodonga or call 02 6056 4433.

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