Housing market in Springtime

October 09, 2017
Wayne Smith

Springtime is a very active time of the year for the housing market.


The sun starts to shine more, we have extended time outdoors with daylight savings and people enjoy being outdoors in their gardens, having a bbq and enjoying their own "piece of paradise."


A lot of people like to show off one of their most valuable assets and will spend time improving and renovating their homes - a great time to put homes on the market and/or upgrade or build their new home.


At Mortgage Choice, we take a personal approach as everyone will have a different situation, will be after a different outcome, want a different property and/or loan - No Two Sceanrio's are the same.


If you would like a personal approach to your home loan needs, then contact Mortgage Choice today.

Our Wodonga team looks forward to hearing from you soon 

Now is a perfect time to contact us and see how we can help you.

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