How are Mortgage Brokers Paid?

July 21, 2017
Wayne Smith

Firstly, not all Mortgage Brokers are paid the same way and each Lender can pay at varying rates.

Mortgage Brokers ae generally paid a commission from the lender upon settlement of you loan and can receive an ongoing payment whilst your loan remains with the lender. Some will also charge a fee for their service. 

At Mortgage Choice we are "paid the same", meaning we get the same commission no matter which lender/product you choose - a policy that I totally agree with.

The industry is currently going through a wrath of changes, including a review of how commissions are paid are how this can affect the end user. I believe our "Paid the Same" policy is a great platform that others should follow.


We take a personal approach as everyone will have a different situation, will be after a different outcome, want a different property and/or loan - No Two Sceanrio's are the same.


If you would like a personal approach to your home loan needs, then contact Mortgage Choice today.

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