What does a Mortgage Broker do?

September 14, 2016
Wayne Smith

This is a great question.

A professional Mortgage Broker will take the time and effort to truly understand their clients and assist them, such as;

  • Evaluating their needs
  • Calculating borrowing capacity
  • Comparing your options
  • Providing expert advice
  • Handling the legwork and paperwork

Not all brokers are the same, some will charge for their service as well as getting commissions from the lenders. Lenders pay different commissions too.

At Mortgage Choice we don't charge you a fee and we're paid the same rate from our all lenders on our panel.

 We are also able to offer an expanding range of other services too, including;

  • Car & Personal loans
  • Asset Finance for a extensive range of products
  • Insurance & Loan Protection
  • Financial planning
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You should be able to move with your choices, giving you more freedom to choose and do what you want to and what you want to have.

So now is a perfect time to contact us and see how we can help you.

To find out more - contact us at Suite 2, 10-12 High St Wodonga or call 02 6056 4433.

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