What's required to get a home loan?

August 29, 2017
Wayne Smith

I often get asked this question. What information and evidence do lenders want when looking at a loan application?


Lenders will look at a wide range of information when assessing a loan application, including (but not limited too);

  • Employment History (full-time, part-time, casual, length of employment etc)
  • Residential Stability (duration & changes to residency history)
  • Income (PAYG or self employed?)
  • Expenses (spouse, dependents, living expenses etc)
  • On-going Commitments (car/personal loans, credit/store cards etc)
  • Credit History (a credit check can be done on applicants)
  • Actual Property/Security (including location, type, price & valuation of security)
  • Deposit/Contributions (your savings/equity available)


Each lender have their own policies and lending criteria, they often lend different amounts and for different purposes - these can constantly change too (which has been the case in recent times due to changes in legislation with investment lending).


At Mortgage Choice, we take a personal approach as everyone will have a different situation, will be after a different outcome, want a different property and/or loan - No Two Sceanrio's are the same.


If you would like a personal approach to your home loan needs, then contact Mortgage Choice today.

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