Why use a Mortgage Broker?

October 06, 2016
Wayne Smith

The mortgage industry has become so complex, it's too complicated and too hard to fathom for most Australians, that's where a broker can help.

  •  There is so much to consider when looking at a home;
  • interest rates,
  • terms and conditions,
  • owner occupied or investment?
  • variable or fixed rates?
  • offset, redraw or line of credidt facility?
  • Do I need a package? or does a basic loan suit better?
  • and the list goes on.....


This is were a qualified Mortgage Broker steps in, to help assess your financial position, find suitable loan options for your own personal situation, discuss what's required and handle the paperwork and manage the process on your behalf.

"If you just look at your current lender, you are limiting your options."

A broker can save time and energy, and more likely to find a mortgage not only at the lowest cost but with the best features for you. They should have access to professional networks and expertise to draw upon, along with the software and industry experience to back it up.


Some brokers will charge a fee or get paid differently from the loan you end up with, at Mortgage Choice we don't - it's part of our Paid the Same proposition.


Our Wodonga team looks forward to hearing from you soon 


You should be able to move with your choices, giving you more freedom to choose and do what you want to and what you want to have.

So now is a perfect time to contact us and see how we can help you.

To find out more - contact us at Suite 2, 10-12 High St Wodonga or call 02 6056 4433.

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