Why use a Mortgage Choice Broker?

September 12, 2017
Wayne Smith

Using a Mortgage Choice broker provides you choice, assistance & expertise.

With a large panel of lenders - I say "it's like talking to over 20 bank managers at the same time."

Every lender has different lending policies, they will lend different amounts, offer varying rates & fees in an often confusing marketplace.


At Mortgage Choice we are with you from inquiry to settlement & beyond, helping you with what you're wanting to do and what opportunities are available to you - we don't charge for our service as we are paid by the lender upon settlement of your loan.

Mortgage Choice brokers are paid the same amount by all our lender panel so you know you're getting the right advice.


At Mortgage Choice, we take a personal approach as everyone will have a different situation, will be after a different outcome, want a different property and/or loan - No Two Sceanrio's are the same.


If you would like a personal approach to your home loan needs, then contact Mortgage Choice today.

Our Wodonga team looks forward to hearing from you soon 

Now is a perfect time to contact us and see how we can help you.

To find out more - contact us at Suite 2, 10-12 High St Wodonga or call 02 6056 4433.

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