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Investing your money in property | Gungahlin, Canberra

A good investment loan is the foundation of a great investment return. An investment loan that doesn't suit you or your portfolio can mean low returns. Wendy and her team at Mortgage Choice in Gungahlin are committed to securing the right finance for your investment goals. 

Investing in Australian property is usually a secure investment, giving some fantastic returns. But, not having a great investment loan to back it up can quickly turn your new investment into a burden. We can help you by:

  • Reviewing your current financial position and making sure you have the funds to cover a big purchase like an investment property.
  • Discuss what kind of investment strategy you have and what lenders / loan products would support this. 
  • Look at the equity you currently have in your home, and how much can be used as a deposit for your purchase.
  • Do the research and comparison to find you the best loan, and complete all the paperwork for your application. 
  • Follow up with the lender and liaise with them on your behalf. 
  • Support you through the process of purchasing your new investment and beyond. 

Using equity to invest

As a home owner, you have access to an outstanding resource – your home equity. If you're not familiar with the term, home equity is simply the difference between what you owe on your mortgage, and your home's current market value.

If you're looking to invest, your home equity is a great option. Instead of just leaving it to sit, why not use it to make some money!


With so many renting in Canberra, many of our customers choose to 'rentvest' instead! Rentvesting is when you purchase an investment property, while you choose to rent your primary residence. This gives you the ability to the best-value property, while living in your favourite area. We specialise in helping first home buyers who choose to rentvest - going through the sums with you to get you started.

Finding out more about investing in property

We want to help with your next investment loan.

Mortgage Choice in Gungahlin want to help with your next investment loan and find you the right deal to match your investment. You don't have to leave your house to get your home loan approved either - we can do it all by phone or video.

Get started on your next loan with us! Call us on 0422 288 476 or click on Contact Us and leave us a message.

Compare and save on investment loans

We search through offers from over 25 lenders to find you the investment loan that may suit your needs. ~

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