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How to become a mortgage broker

If you’re considering becoming a Mortgage Choice broker in this exciting growth industry, your journey starts here. It’s easy to get started – and we’re here for you every step of the way.

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How to become a mortgage broker

We will support you through the process

MC offers comprehensive training and support, as well as the systems and industry knowledge to help you build your own thriving mortgage broking business. Don’t have finance industry experience or qualifications? No problem. Many of our high- performing franchisees and business owners have come from outside the industry. Experience is not essential. We’ll provide the training and accreditation you need to be successful in your new franchise.

The most important prerequisite to becoming a Mortgage Choice broker is the desire to help people achieve their property and investment dreams.

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Become a mortgage broker in 7 steps:

1First, we’ll get to know you. You can ask all your questions , and we’ll find out more about you.

2 Start thinking about your new business and develop a plan. We’ll guide you through what’s involved in starting a broking business – including cash flow management, compliance requirements and lender accreditations.

3 Join Mortgage Choice and the wider REA Group. Complete your background checks and necessary training – our learning department offers an accelerated course.

4 Get inducted – our structured induction program will provide you with the knowledge and skills required to run a successful franchise.

5 Congratulations, you’re open for business. Once you’ve got everything in place, it’s time to launch your Mortgage Choice franchise.

6 Ongoing mentoring and coaching 

7 When you’re ready to scale up your business, we’ll help you develop the right framework.

Become a mobile broker

Get started today without a storefront.

Starting out as a mobile broker allows you to get all of the benefits of a storefront franchise while minimizing your initial risk.


Mortgage Choice and you.

If you’re prepared to roll your sleeves up, your Mortgage Choice franchise can be an outstanding investment and the way to take control of your future.

You have the potential to enjoy the rewards of your own effort backed by our extensive support, and experience the financial and personal benefits of a growing business.

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Buying a franchise removes an enormous amount of the complexities usually associated with a start-up company as you benefit from the experience that has made the business model so successful. Beyond this, the franchise model is there to offer you real support with established systems, management advice, marketing assistance and ongoing training and development.

With Mortgage Choice you will also acquire all important lender relationships and access to essential industry accreditation.

Property buyers can save both time and money by speaking with Mortgage Choice brokers. Our brokers provide invaluable mortgage advice and an exceptionally high level of customer service. We offer our clients an extensive choice of loan products from more than 30 banks and lenders - whereas a bank only offers one small suite of product options.

This choice enables our brokers to compare hundreds of home loans to find one that really suits the customer's needs.

You’ll need qualifications / certifications, a great business plan (we’ll help you put one together), a laser focus on the customer and a tonne of enthusiasm for your new business.

You must have completed a Certificate IV in Finance & Mortgage Broking and Anti-Money Laundering accreditation. Within two years, you will need to complete a Diploma of Finance & Mortgage Broking Management.

All licence fees and start-up costs including training, marketing and administration fees are payable upfront.

Not at all. Many franchisees work successfully from a home office or shared office space, and later move to a retail shopfront. Meeting spaces are a critical part of the customer experience, so we encourage franchise owners to move into an office with branded signage or a retail shopfront within three years.

Yes! Many of our franchisees enjoy the rewards of owning multiple franchises.

You will typically have an area in which you can directly market your own Mortgage Choice franchise but you may receive enquiries that come to you from outside your marketing area – and you are free to handle these within your own business.

Not at all, Mortgage Choice offers multiple revenue streams including: Home loans, asset finance, general insurance, and business loans. As you progress in your career, you can diversify your revenue through.

A 2-week training course is fully provided as well as our Accelerate Partnership Program that runs for your first two years as a Mortgage Choice broker. We also provide ongoing support for as long as you need it.

About 45 - 60 days from first conversation to opening up the franchise.

Our home loan service is at no charge to our customers as the lenders pay Mortgage Choice a commission on home loan settlement. Mortgage Choice then pays a portion of this commission to the broker. Our brokers outperform the market in upfront payments, trail commission and average loan book balance1.

Your Mortgage Choice franchise will provide considerable flexibility to enjoy work-life balance. But being a franchise owner calls for commitment and it’s a full-time role.

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"I love educating clients, it helps them now and in the future."
Jo Croft, Mortgage Broker, Springwood

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