A valuable investment – for you, your family and your future

One of the most frequently questions we get asked is 'How do I get paid?' and 'What income can I expect?'. A Mortgage Choice franchise is a high-value, and highly rewarding, investment with the potential to generate exceptional returns.

Invest in your future

Your Mortgage Choice franchise is a high-value, and highly rewarding, investment with the potential to generate exceptional returns.

It’s a marketable asset – a business you can grow through your own efforts, and an important investment for your future.

Your franchise can also be a true family legacy. Many of our franchisees employ family members. Others choose to hand their business down to their adult children to help the next generation build wealth.

Your investment will include all of this and more

  • A marketing starter kit

    You will receive a nifty kit to help get you on your feet and generating local leads for your business.

  • Marketing support package 

    You'll have the option to enlist someone to work with you hand in hand to grow your visibility.

  • Your very own website

    We will set you up with and host your very own website to help you be found where people are searching.

  • Custom-built software

    Full access to our suite of custom-built software to get you writing loans fast with our wide panel of lenders to serve your customers.

  • Professional photography

    We'll help get you looking sharp for your website and social media to grow your personal brand in your local area.

  • Marketing materials

    You will have access to a wide range of materials such as how-to videos, posters, in-store promotions and merchandise.

  • Comprehensive training

    We'll support you through our accelerate program so that you're comfortable with all our software and processes.

  • Legal and compliance training

    You'll be covered with complete set up of legal franchise agreements as well as best-in-market and ongoing compliance training.

  • Ongoing support and mentorship 

    You will be invited to attend our state and national conferences where you can network with your colleagues and learn from the best in the business.

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How do mortgage brokers get paid?

  • Our services is at no charge to our customers

    At Mortgage Choice, our home loan service is at no charge to our customers because the lenders pay us a commission on the loan on settlement. This doesn't affect the deal that our customers get from the lenders.

  • We pay the same rate of commission

    Mortgage Choice pays a commission to the broker who settled the home loan. Different lenders pay different commission. Some pay more than others. But at Mortgage Choice we pay our brokers the same rate of commission, no matter which home loan the customer chooses from our panel of lenders.

    With other mortgage brokers, that’s not always the case. Many of the major mortgage broking groups in Australia simply pass on the different rates of commission to their brokers.

  • Why is this important?

    When our potential customers are thinking about using a mortgage broker, we prompt them to think about whether other brokers get paid more for recommending one lender over another.

    At Mortgage Choice, we give our customers peace of mind that we have their best interests at heart as we provide them with expert home loan advice at no cost to them.

Mortgage broker commission & remuneration package

Our unique hybrid trail commission structure caters to the needs of franchisees throughout the business lifecycle - from start-up to an established business. Further, trail and upfront commission rates grow as your business grows.


Mortgage Choice is a full service franchise offering. Not only do you get the benefits of operating under a national, well recognised and trusted brand, you’ll also receive support in the following areas.

  • Best of breed, purpose built mortgage broking software.
  • Marketing programs and tools including a personalised website, centralised email marketing programs and a wealth of local area marketing tools.
  • Compliance support.
  • Business planning.
  • Loan submission coaching.
  • Industry leading training.
  • Professional development days, state and national conferences.
  • Other revenue generation opportunities including the ability to refer your customers to a Mortgage Choice financial adviser.

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