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Refinancing your home loan | Mortgage Broker Caroline Springs

Refinancing is a great way to ensure that you are in control of your home loan. While rates are on the rise, there is still a lot of competition between lenders in the market and plenty of great deals on offer. Let's help you make the most of it!

When was the last time you reviewed your loan? It's important to continue to shop around for your home loan on a regular basis - we suggest once every two years or when you have a major life change. 

  • Do you want to see if there's a lower rate available to you?
  • Would you like to switch lenders?
  • Are you coming to the end of a fixed rate term?
  • Do you have a feature you missed out on first time?
  • Would you like to access equity for investment or renovations?

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Let us review your home loan

A quick review of your home loan can be achieved with a simple Home Loan Health Check. It's quick, easy and comes at no cost with our team at Mortgage Choice. We may be able to find a better deal for you, or we could find that your home loan still ticks all the boxes. Either way, you will have peace of mind knowing you still have control over your loan. During our review, we look for other loans that you could access which may have lower interest rates, better features or a cashback deal.

It's important to understand that refinancing can also come with costs. We will talk you through the pros and cons of your own individual refinancing options to make sure it's a good choice for you in the long run.

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Get started on your next goal with us
We pride ourselves on providing relatable and personable home loan advice to anyone looking to refinance their home loan. We would love to help you by reviewing your loan with a simple Home Loan Health Check. 

Book a simple Home Loan Health Check with Mortgage Choice in Caroline Springs & Melton on 0418 889 971 or click on the button below. 

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