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Chris Floyd

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Chris Floyd

Chris Floyd

Chris is a passionate and trustworthy mortgage broker who is dedicated to providing a first class service. 

“I am 100% focused on my clients’ needs,” he says. “I always take the time to get to know each client, and understand their circumstances and their financial goals. That way, I can find the best possible loan solution for them – one that not only suits them right now, but that will also set them up for financial success in the future.”

Maintaining open and honest communication with clients is important to Chris. “I ensure I am available for questions and queries throughout the process and I make sure my clients completely understand their loan options so they can make informed decisions,” he says.

Chris’s dedication to providing outstanding customer service is complemented by his excellent knowledge of the various products and services in the market, and his commitment to keeping up to date on the constantly changing structures and legislation within the lending industry. 

Being able to trust your broker goes a long way towards eliminating the stress from the lending process. Chris’ integrity and professionalism means he is able to provide a reliable and efficient service and ensure his clients have a hassle-free and stress-free lending experience.

Based on the Sunshine Coast, Chris is fully mobile and can help clients in the surrounding regions.

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