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Gavin Tandon

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Gavin Tandon provides a convenient, reliable and effective mortgage broking service that is of great benefit to his many clients.

“As their mortgage broker and loan expert, I ensure my clients have access to lenders, products and structures that reflect their individual needs – both now and into the future,” he says. 

“I understand that a mortgage can be the biggest financial commitment people make in their lives, and that it can raise many queries and concerns. By communicating effectively throughout the home loan process, I make the experience as stress free as possible.

“I look to work with my clients well beyond the initial loan process and continue to add value on a long-term basis so they know they can trust me to provide them with ongoing professional advice that meets their changing needs and aspirations.”

Gavin’s commitment to working closely with his clients is complemented by his extensive experience working in finance and insurance, and he prides himself on being honest, fair and exceeding client expectations.

He is able to assist all types of borrowers – first homebuyers, those looking to refinance an existing property or purchase a new property, and those wanting to start or grow their investment property portfolio.

Gavin Tandon’s mortgage broking business is based in Bowen Hills, and his service is available throughout the Greater Brisbane Area.

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