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19 April 2023  


Lana and her team have handled both my initial mortgage application, and a full refinance since. They we're all very helpful and very patient with all of my questions throughout the whole process. Highly recommend

07 December 2022  


04 December 2022  


Great Service - Clear Concise straight to the point Comms which we liked. This kept us right through the full process of some complex loan restructuring. Would use again and recommend. In fact routed my Daughter and Fiancé through to Lana.

29 November 2022  


Lana has been my mortgage broker for a few years now and I couldn't recommend her and her team more. As a freelancer, she's helped me with both mortgages and refinancing and I'm always so grateful to have her in my court. She is lovely to work with and has consistently found me great deals that suit my circumstances the first time she gave me some refinancing options, I literally gasped. I have recommended her to friends who've also used her services and been very happy with the results. Yes, contact her immediately

29 November 2022  


Lana is a gem! She's helped me refinance in the past and recently secured a new mortgage for my new home. She makes me feel I'm in safe hands, and I'm always confident she'll find the best option for me. And yes, I've recommended her to numerous friends and family, and will continue to do so. Thank you Lana!

03 October 2022  


Lana was introduced to myself via a personal friend. What a find Lana worked closely with my Real Estate Buyer and Managing agent to make the purchase of my new investment property a seamless and stress free exercise. She managed to secure a great interest rate with my preferred Lender with a super speedy approval in a difficult market place.
Can not thank you enough Lana

02 July 2022  


Lana was great as usual
Looking forward working with her again.
Best service and advice even got us additional rewards and discounts without us asking. Thanks Lana

19 May 2022  


08 May 2022  


Lana and her team really helped us during a stressful time to simplify and navigate financing a vehicle, after getting confusing and conflicting information from dealershipsmy husband's visa put a spanner in the works. But we did it Thank you again and we will definitely recommend your services to others. I'm sure we will be in touch again soon when the next project arises

02 May 2022  


We've worked with Lana and her team for several years now and couldn't be more pleased with the service and advice we've received. She has become a valued partner in achieving our property and financial goals, and have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone looking to buy property or restructure their finances.

Thanks for always going the extra mile for us Lana.

23 March 2022  


26 January 2022  


Lana Roos gave us excellent customer service. She is so knowledgable and there is no problem too big for her. Always coming up with solutions and making this process as painless as possible. She is quick and sufficient and always add a personal touch to everything. Thank you for helping us build our first house here in Aussie

24 January 2022  


Lana was extremely patient and insightful through all of our questions and the whole process.
Lana never made us feel it was ever difficult, repetitive questions or assurances.
Thanks Lana and team. we will happily recommend your services and we will be InTouch soon re car finance.

24 January 2022  


A very calm, stress free process with great attention from Lana and her staff.

10 January 2022  


Lana and Stephan makes the impossible happen. Thanks for all your effort to get our loan approved. We are loving the bush.

16 November 2021  


15 November 2021  


25 October 2021  


06 September 2021  


Consistently the best mortgage advice given. I will work with no other provider other than Lana and her team at Smartline

10 August 2021  


Stephan was an absolute pleasure to work with. As a first time property investor he was very patient and supportive as I took a while to find a place, but as soon as I found a place he and the team talked me through my options, the documentation I needed and made sure everything went smoothly.
I was kept informed throughout the process too.
Very happy customer, thanks Stephan.

02 August 2021  


Stefan Roos was simply fantastic.

29 June 2021  


Lana was fantastic as a broker. She provided excellent support and information whenever it was required. Thanks!!

23 June 2021  


Stephan Roos was amazing. He went above and beyond to get the right loan with the best interest rate for me. I will definitely use him again.

19 April 2021  


Efficient, professional and considerate. Thorough and excellent communication.

06 April 2021  


08 January 2021  


I have had a relationship with Smartline for many years, and have worked closely with Lana on several property deals. Lana is exceptional to work with.
Firstly, Lana is a whiz at breaking down numbers and translating even the most complicated property deals and juggles, in a way that is clear and concise for the layperson. Lana is so patient and customer service oriented, no matter how many questions and scenarios are submitted to her for advice, Lana will cheerfully break it all down and explain.

Also, Lana goes above and beyond when liasing with the bank on a customer's behalf. She really has your back, sending through extra requests, finding the best possible deal and always being in communication, happy to discuss options and workshop solutions. My last purchase went through at Christmas time and lapsed over into after hours discussions and was a success because Lana was always willing to keep it moving, even outside prescribed hours and when most brokers have shut up shop for the year.

Lana is a lovely person to deal with, with expertise, imagination and mastery in the arena of property finance, and a warm, courteous and highly professional way of working. I recommend working with Lana in building your property portfolio, it has worked out so well for me. I highly recommend this service as a satisfied and happy customer.

22 December 2020  


22 November 2020  


I cannot rate my experience with Stephan highly enough. Stephan promptly provided finance options for the purchase of a company vehicle and made the application process extremely easy. The relationship with Fleet Avenue also meant Fleet buyers found the best deal on a new car and I didn't even have to step foot in a dealership Stephan was professional and efficient and I would highly recommend his services.

18 October 2020  


Highly recommeneded! Lana and her team are well organised and very professional. Lana was very supportive and patient with me all throughout the entire process. She made my first home buying experience a breeze. Thank you so much!

08 October 2020  


Highly recommended financial and mortgage broker Lana and her Smartline team are well organised and very professional. Lana has been very supportive and patient with me all throughout the entire process. I also appreciate all her recommendations, which helped me in making the right financial decisions. She is also willing to go out of her way to help her clients. They made my first home buying experience less scary and nerve racking. They are also very proactive in providing updates and follow throughs. Thank you so much Lana and Smartline for all the guidance and help. I will definitely recommend you to family and friends. Keep it up Cheers.

08 October 2020  


Lana was so easy to deal with. She did her research and was able to answer all our questions and put our minds at ease. I would recommend Lana to anyone thinking of purchasing a property who needs guidance through the process.

09 September 2020  


07 July 2020  


Lana and her team were great. Really helpful with all my needs and patient with the various bits I had to get in order prior to going ahead. Thanks so much!

04 June 2020  


Lana was a brilliant advisor from start to finish! She was always readily available to answer any questions or troubleshoot any difficulties we encountered along the way. We would 100% refer her services to friends and family in the future.

24 April 2020  


I am a man of few words. All I can say about the experience with Lana is the fact that we have had an exceptional customer service experience, with a representative that had our best interest at heart and made us feel looked after. On ya..

11 November 2019  


Everything was smooth from start to finish

02 October 2019  


29 September 2019  


Lana went above and beyond. She is knowledgeable, available and professional. Thanks Lana!

25 September 2019  


Lana Stephan really know their industry.
They were able to help me with all my questions and got me the loan quickly, giving me piece of mind.
I highly recommend them.

21 September 2019  


As first home buyers we had no idea what the process involved.
Lana was extremely helpful.

19 August 2019  


Lana went above and beyond to assist me with my finance. I will definitely be using Lana for all future finance.

12 June 2019  


Lana and the team at Smartline are amazing. I have worked with Lana over the last year supporting a number of their clients. Lana is always prompt to reply to emails and calls, and always puts her clients needs first. She goes above and beyond, works hard to get the best deals and ultimately gets her clients the finance that they need to buy their properties, cars etc....

20 May 2019  


Lana went above and beyond to find exactly the right arrangement for our situation, even when she was sick she kept soldiering on heroically to help us because timetables were tight. I couldn't believe her dedication!

11 April 2019  


02 January 2019  


25 October 2018  


She was amazing all the way through the entire process, highly recommend her!!

26 June 2018  


This may simply be the change in SMSF regulation but we were a little shocked at how little lead time we were given to sign papers and get all the papers certified. We were told that what we needed to do was to simply to sign the papers but it turned out what we had to go to our accountant, lawyer, JPs etc to get the documents properly signed and certified. In the end, in order to meet the tight timeframes we had to both take emergency leave which really was not ideal. It would have been great if we were forewarned about this. What was most annoying was that we had to get the paperwork certified 4 times as the first three were incorrectly certified. It really would have been great if someone in the system told us exactly what was required (we have made a complaint with our lawyers which we think might be part of the problem as they did not inform us how to certify documents properly - we saw this as part of their job).

11 November 2017  


Nothing to add, other than we were very happy with Lana's service.

27 October 2017  


11 September 2017  


Lana was professional and polite at all times, and endeavoured to give me the best deal she could get. I'm sure she had lots of clients on the go, but she made me feel that nothing was too much for her. I look forward to working with Lana in the future.

21 August 2017  


Great service, combined with thoughtful and prudent advice. When it comes to Lana you can take that to the BANK!

12 May 2017  


Lana did her very best to answer our questions and to alleviate our concerns. She made sure we had thought of all possible risks and made some recommendations which we had taken up - e.g. have a will, bump up life/TPD/income protection insurance, and ideas on where to buy.

There was a small delay during the process where this meant that I received some documents and really had to take actions on the day I received the documents - this would be my only small recommendation for improvement. It may be that she did do everything possible to ensure that the documentation was sent to me as soon as she had received it, and that this was not due to her.

28 April 2017  


12 February 2017  


11 November 2016  


Lana is an amazing broker who always goes the extra mile for her clients. As a solicitor I recommend Lana to all my client's!

28 September 2016  


Thank you once again to Catherine Lezer, for your knowledgeable service. Our entire mortgage application/property purchase process was straightforward, and efficiently and professionally managed. I will be back!

17 September 2016  


We have been very impressed with Lana Roos. Lana has gone out of her way to fit around our schedule and to take the time to help and nudge (!) where appropriate. We would definitely recommend her to friends and are very grateful for her effort.

11 August 2016  


09 August 2016  


Lana was very responsive and helpful throughout the loan process, working hard to meet our needs and secure our finance.

The one area that could be improved was relating to an earlier purchase, for which finance was not approved, costing us a penalty and legal fees. We could have risked our whole deposit if we didn't decide to rescind our offer. We should have been advised not to proceed from the very beginning, since the banks would not approve finance while one of us was still under a probationary period at work.

09 May 2016  


Lana was great. I was facing a restricted timeframe and limited options to remortgage my home, but she guided me through the process and got me across the line with a great package in the nick of time.

30 December 2015  


22 November 2015  


Lana was great. This was my first purchase and she took all the stress out of it for me. Smartline was recommended to me by a friend and wouldn't hesitant recommending her to someone else again. Thanks!

13 November 2015  


30 July 2015  


I was looking to refinance, but as I'd become a freelancer since I first got a mortgage, I really didn't hold out much hope. But after a very quick email exchange with Lana, she not only reassured me that it was possible, she managed to secure a deal that was better than I could have dreamed of - honestly! The interest rate is significantly lower and the repayments are way less. I still can't quite believe it - it's made a huge difference to my life and sense of freedom. Thank you Lana!!

23 July 2015  


17 July 2015  


11 July 2015  


Lana was very helpful speaking to BankWest when they made a very confusing transfer between my 2 loan accounts which was not requested. I spoke to BankWest but they were unable to assist and without Lana's assistance it may not have been rectified.

19 June 2015  


23 February 2015  


Lana was thoughtful and provided timely advice. I live in another state so on separate occassions she went beyond what you would expect a normal mortgage adviser would go to help me complete this process. I would use her again and recommend her to anyone thinking of undertaking the process.

26 November 2014  

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