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Matthew Hill

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Matthew Hill

Matthew Hill

Matt is a committed, knowledgeable and highly approachable broker who always has his clients’ best interests at heart. 

“I know that communication is the key to a great broker-client relationship,” says Matt. “I make sure I know exactly what my clients need from their loan solution and how it will work in with their circumstances and their short and long term goals. Furthermore, I’m always available and responsive to questions and queries throughout the lending process, as I believe it is essential clients fully understand their options and the decisions they make.”

Matt ensures he keeps up to date with the variety of loan products, structures and policies in what is a frequently changing market. 

“Once I know my clients’ unique requirements, I can match them with the most appropriate loan solution – and the best deal – available.” 

Organised, efficient and always striving to provide an outstanding customer service, Matt will go above and beyond to get you a great loan and make your lending experience as positive as possible.

“I have spent many years buying and selling properties as a property investor myself, so I understand first-hand the issues borrowers face.”

Matt is fully mobile and can service metropolitan Perth and the regions beyond.

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