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Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) Lending - Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Hunter Valley and Port Stephens

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SMSF Lending Newcastle Lake Macquarie

Self Managed Super Funds (SMSFs) can provide you with the freedom and flexbility in deciding what investments make up your retirement income. However, they often come with strict guidelines. Our local Newcastle mortgage broker team support you with honest, practical advice about SMSF lending.

How do SMSFs work?

There are both similarites and differences between a regular inudstry superannuation fund and a SMSF. Like a regular fund, SMSFs invest funds collected from throughout your working life to build you an income or pool of savings for your retirement. The difference is that a self managed super fund offers benefits loke being able to invest in assets. or use certain strategies, that aren't available to you with an industry superannuation fund.

Purchasing a property with your SMSF in Newcastle & Lake Macquarie

Many choose to use their SMSF to purchase an investment property. Given the historical performance of the Australian property market, it could be a valuable move for your retirement. However, there are some restrictions and property rules from the ATO you must adhere to so it's important to consult with our team as well as a qualified accountant or tax specialist before proceeding. 

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Invest now to take advantage of negative gearing Newcastle & Lake Macquarie

  • One amazing plus side of investing in property is the ability that landlords have to offset loan interest charges plus other ongoing expenses against regular rental income. Where these costs exceed the rent return the property is said to be ‘negatively geared'.
  • Moreover, the ongoing losses generated by the property can be offset against a landlord's regular wage or salary income to generate valuable tax savings. It means the tenant together with the tax man can help you pay off the property during your peak income earning years.
  • Ideally, by the time you retire, the loan will be paid off and the property will generate a positive cashflow, giving you money to live on.

Invest in your retirement home now

Another option that could be a smart investment with your SMSF is to invest in the property you would like to retire to. Before you get to retirement age, you can rent the house out making you additional passive income or paying down the mortgage. When retirement comes, you can sell your current home for a tax free capital gain and move into the property you have already purchased.

It is a simple and tax-efficient strategy that can boost your retirement savings, while providing you with a great retirement home at today's market prices.

Local SMSF Lending experts Mortgage Choice Newcastle & Lake Macquarie team can help

  • We provide a wide range of lender options at Mortgage Choice, with over 30 quality lenders on our panel. Many of them provide great SMSF solutions.

  • Each lender will have a different policy on SMSF lending. Our team will talk you through which lender would suit your plans.

  • Structuring your SMSF lending in the right way is important. Our team have the experience to help you understand which strucutres & features will suit you best.

  • We do all the legwork on your behalf. This frees you up to focus on other areas of your investment: like meeting SMSF restrictions and finding a great property.

Get started with our SMSF lending mortgage broker Newcastle & Lake Macquarie team

As your local Mortgage Broker Newcastle & Lake Macquarie, we would love to help explore investing in property with your SMSF.

To choose the RIGHT SMSF home loan you need to choose the RIGHT SMSF home loan broker.

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