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Robert Borgia

Our friendly Home Loan Experts at Mortgage Choice in Brisbane North

We're very proud of our award-winning team at Mortgage Choice in Brisbane City & Brisbane North.

We are extremely passionate about helping you make better choices for a better life, whether it be purchasing your first home, investing in the property market, financial planning or commercial & asset lending. 

Our Mortgage Brokers at Mortgage Choice in Brisbane North & Brisbane City have won a number of awards in recent years including: 


  • #1 Mortgage Brokerage in Australia, Mortgage Professional Australia Magazine


  • #2 Mortgage Brokerage in Australia, Mortgage Professional Australia Magazine 
  • Finalist, Office of the Year - Franchise, Australian Broking Awards


  • Winner, Best Branded Office - QLD Better Business Awards
  • #5 Mortgage Brokerage in Australia, Mortgage Professional Australia Magazine


  • Franchise Brokerage of the Year, Australian Mortgage Awards
  • Finalist, Best Finance Broker - Matt Cunliffe, QLD Better Business Awards
  • #2 Mortgage Brokerage in Australia, Mortgage Professional Australia


  • Winner, Mortgage Broker of the Year - Matt Cunliffe, QLD Better Business Awards
  • Winner, Best Residential Broker - Matt Cunliffe, QLD Better Business Awards
  • Winner, Best Branded Office - Mortgage Choice Brisbane City, QLD Better Business Awards


  • Winner, Mortgage Brokerage of the Year, MFAA Awards


  • High Flyers Award (Top 19 Brokers in Australia), Mortgage Choice

Matt Cunliffe

Matt Cunliffe

Owner / Multiple Franchise Owner 

Matt began his foray into the world of home loans in 2004 when he began his career at ANZ Bank. Within 18 months of working for ANZ, Matt became the youngest mortgage specialist in Australia. Since then Matt has continued to go from peak to peak in all aspects of lending. In 2008 Matt joined the team at Mortgage Choice and from the outset has been driven to provide the most stellar experience for our clients home and investment loan needs.

With property, and the lending that goes with property, being a passion of Matt's, he has purchased and built a number of properties (for personal and investment use) which ensures he has 'hands on' knowledge when dealing with all of our client scenarios.

Matt goes above and beyond in many ways, and prides himself on providing a personalised service tailored to everyone's individual needs. In May 2011, Matt became the General Manager in Brisbane and in July 2015, bought the Franchise which has now been established for 15 years. Matt and the team strive to ensure all of our clients have the most seamless of interactions. 

Matt has recently received the following accolades:
2015: Better Business Awards QLD Finalist - Best Finance Broker 
2015: Better Business Awards QLD Finalist - Best Residential Broker 
2015: Better Business Awards QLD Finalist - Best Branded Office
2014: Better Business Awards QLD Winner, Broker of the Year, The Adviser
2014: Better Business Awards QLD Winner, Best Residential Broker, The Adviser
2014: Better Business Awards QLD Winner, Best Branded Office, The Adviser
2014: Better Business Awards QLD Finalist, Rising Star, The Adviser
2013 - 2015: Elite Business Writer (Top 50 Brokers), The Adviser
2013 - 2018: Top 100 Brokers, MPA Magazine
2013 - 2015: Top 30 Brokers under 30, The Adviser
2013, 2014: BrokerIQ Finalist (Top 6), Australian Broking Awards

Hanna Cunliffe

Hanna Cunliffe

Multiple Franchise Owner & Office Manager

In 2015, Hanna was involved in the acquisition of Mortgage Choice Brisbane City. Two years later, in 2017, Hanna was again instrumental in the opening of Mortgage Choice Brisbane North. In 2023, Hanna played a pivotal role in the latest acquisition, Mortgage Choice Newstead. This acquisition further expands the company's reach and demonstrates Hanna's ongoing commitment to driving growth and success.

Aside from her professional responsibilities, Hanna has a strong focus on providing an exceptional client experience. She understands the importance of building relationships with clients and ensures that the daily operations of the business are carried out in a manner that prioritizes client satisfaction. Hanna values the art of conversation and takes every opportunity to engage with clients, fostering positive connections and enhancing the overall experience.

Hanna is also a loving mother to two children, Chase (14 years old) and Miller (6 years old). Her dedication to her family is evident, as she balances her professional responsibilities with her role as a parent. Additionally, the family has two rescue cats named Bucky and Bella, further highlighting Hanna's compassion and care for animals.

Overall, Hanna's extensive experience, commitment to client satisfaction, and personal values make her an invaluable asset to Mortgage Choice and an individual who prioritizes both professional success and personal relationships.

Robert Borgia

Robert Borgia

Finance Broker

With prior experience in the banking industry and face to face dealings with customers, Robert strives to ensure all clients have a seamless customer experience. Having worked in various other roles in the Mortgage Choice team, he understands every aspect of the loan process and will always go the extra mile for his clients.

His passion stems from his desire to see every client realise and achieve their financial dreams, whether that be buying their first home or building their investment portfolio, Robert is always prepared to do whatever it takes to help his clients achieve their financial goals.

Recent Accolades:

#2 Loan Writer for Mortgage Choice Australia Wide

Brice Booker

Brice Booker

Finance Broker & Team Leader

Brice joined the Mortgage Choice Brisbane City team mid 2015, after spending five years in the UK and USA working in sales and operational roles. 

With a Diploma of Business, Marketing and Advertising under his belt, coupled with a strong background in customer service, Brice builds long-term relationships with each of his clients. 

Creating a positive client experience is what sets him apart from the rest. His unwavering enthusiasm and attention to detail makes him an asset to The Mortgage Choice team. Brice has placed on The Adviser's 'Top 30 Under Thirty' national ranking for two consecutive years, establishing him as one of the top young brokers in Australia. 

Brice has recently received the following accolades:
2017 - 2018: Top 30 Under Thirty, The Adviser 

Riley Thomas

Riley Thomas

Riley joined the Mortgage Choice Brisbane City team in February 2020. Riley comes with a wealth of knowledge in the Real Estate sector and customer communication.

Oliver Kunning

Oliver Kunning

Client Liason Manager

A positive outcome is the motivation behind every application and Oliver strives to bring this throughout the loan process. Retaining valuable experience from his background in customer service and hospitality he understands the importance of communication between broker, lender and client paired with timely results. For Oliver each day brings a new challenge and the opportunity for another great result for our clients.

Danel Geldenhuys

Danel Geldenhuys

Executive Assistant & Marketing Manager

Danel is an essential and beloved member of the Mortgage Choice Brisbane City team, affectionately known as Disney-Danel for her exceptional phone handling skills. She serves as the first point of contact and expertly manages all phone calls, while also taking charge of various administrative responsibilities. However, her true passion lies in supporting the business through day-to-day marketing activities across multiple social platforms.

During her free time, Danel pursues her love for baking, gaining a reputation for crafting delectable cakes that leave taste buds dancing with delight. Alongside her baking adventures, she finds joy in the company of her cherished feline companions, Sonny and Bug, whom she lavishes with care and affection. Gardening serves as another fulfilling hobby, allowing her to unwind.

Drawing from her background in hospitality and healthcare, Danel brings a well-rounded perspective to her role. She expertly utilizes her diverse skills to ensure seamless operations and implement effective marketing strategies for Mortgage Choice Brisbane City. Danel's unwavering dedication and broad skill set make her an invaluable asset to the team, contributing to its success and growth.

Elai Mallari

Elai Mallari

Pre-Lodgement Officers

Elai is a dedicated professional who specializes in providing exceptional client support to Mortgage Choice customers before their loan applications are submitted. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for assisting clients in achieving their financial goals, Elai ensures a smooth and streamlined experience throughout the loan application process.

With an extensive background in the financial industry, Elai brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her role. She possesses a deep understanding of mortgage products, interest rates, and lending criteria, enabling her to guide clients effectively and offer valuable insights into their options.

Elai's exceptional communication skills and commitment to customer satisfaction make her a trusted partner for clients seeking guidance and support. She diligently reviews loan applications, meticulously checks all documentation, and identifies any potential issues or discrepancies, ensuring that clients are well-prepared for successful submission.

With her friendly demeanour and client-centric approach, Elai goes above and beyond to provide personalized assistance, addressing any concerns and answering queries promptly. Her unwavering dedication and attention to detail make her an invaluable asset to the Mortgage Choice team.

Jeffrey Jazmin

Client Liason Officer

Jeffrey Jazmin is a valuable member of the team at Mortgage Choice, specializing in overseeing client applications from submission to settlement. With a relentless drive for swift outcomes, Jeffrey takes charge of advocating for clients with the banks, ensuring their needs are prioritized and met efficiently.

With an unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction, Jeffrey serves as a fierce advocate for clients throughout the settlement process. He leverages his expertise and deep understanding of banking procedures to navigate potential challenges, ensuring a smooth and expedited journey from application to settlement.

Jeffrey's exceptional communication skills and tenacity enables him to establish strong relationships with banking institutions. He expertly coordinates with lenders, driving them to prioritize client cases and expedite the necessary processes. His relentless pursuit of timely outcomes provides peace of mind to clients, knowing that their interests are fiercely represented.

With Jeffrey on their side, clients can trust that their applications are in capable hands, benefitting from his unwavering determination to secure swift settlements. His commitment to delivering exceptional results makes him an invaluable asset to both Mortgage Choice and the clients he serves.

Jesica Yap

Jesica Yap

Pre-Lodgement Officers

Jesica Yap is a highly skilled professional in the field of mortgage support. With a strong commitment to customer satisfaction and a passion for delivering exceptional service, Jesica plays a vital role in assisting Mortgage Choice clients throughout the loan application process.

Her keen eye for detail allows her to provide valuable insights and guidance, ensuring that all necessary information is in order and meets the required standards. Jesica's commitment to accuracy and precision instils confidence in clients, assuring them that their loan applications are in capable hands. Her attention to detail minimizes the risk of errors and increases the likelihood of smooth and successful outcomes. Through her dedication, Jesica goes above and beyond to provide clients with the assurance they need during the loan application process.

Known for her friendly and approachable demeanour, Jesica builds strong relationships with clients, instilling trust and confidence. She is readily available to address any concerns or questions, providing prompt and reliable support throughout the application process.

Jesica is an invaluable asset to the Mortgage Choice team, known for her unwavering dedication to delivering outstanding service and maintaining the highest level of professionalism. Her commitment to excellence sets the bar high, instilling trust and inspiring confidence in her colleagues. With expertise and empathy, Jesica navigates the complexities of mortgage applications, ensuring a seamless process for all involved.

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