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If you're looking to invest in property, the type of investment finance you choose to use is very important. As your local Prospect Mortgage Brokers, we can help you find a flexible investment loan with a competitive interest rates, effective features and the right structure. 

Getting an investment loan that suits you

There are lots of different types of investment loans and everyone's needs are different. There are few differences between what you need to do to borrow for a property you'll live in and for one you'll rent out. Some lenders charge a higher interest rate for investment properties because their risk may be higher. But this may not necessarily be the case.

Here's how we can help with your investment loan:

  • We will advise you on the right loan product, structure, interest rate and repayment types to ensure you get the most out of your finance & investment.
  • We will search through over 30+ lenders to find an investment loan that suits you best and will help you leverage your property appropriately.
  • We will take the admin part of the investment loan off your hands, so you can focus on finding the right area and property to purchase.
  • We will talk you through how to use the equity in your current property for investment purposes: how much you have available and how to access it.
  • Our home loan service is no charge to you, because we am paid by the lender once your investment loan settles. 

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How to use equity to invest

If you've been paying off your home loan diligently, and your property has increased in value, you could have some great equity to use for investment. To find out how much you have available, you'll have to get a property valuation with your lender.

We can help you figure out your equity and what you have available to use for renovation, refinancing or investment purposes.

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We aim to make the process as easy as possible for clients. That's why, we can meet you at a convenient place and time around Adelaide, or you can meet us at our office: 308 Prospect Rd, Prospect.

We believe everyone should have access to home loan advice they can understand: our team can help customers in English and Farsi.

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Compare and save on investment loans

We search through offers from over 35 lenders to find you the investment loan that may suit your needs. ~

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